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Do you need to increase your confidence or motivation to do things you’ve put off for a long time? Do you desire a more peaceful, stress-free and positive life?


You are not alone. Whether you’re stuck in your business, stuck in a life transition, confused about the next step you need to take to move forward or just undecided about your life path, this book will help you to discover a passion for your life that extends beyond your career and material success – a passion that involves your identity, your self-worth, your relationships, and your health. It is time to emerge from your indolence, embrace renewed vitality, and realize that Change Starts With ME!


Change Starts With ME! eBook is a step-by-step guide that leads you to the discovery of your ‘authentic’ self. It is a life changing action eBook with assignments and exercises to help you dig deep within your many personalities and character chambers to discover who you really are. Every step demands honesty! You will be introduced to the notorious FABBICH FAMILY and at the end of this book you are certain to witness a change, a transformation that began with you.

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 First I would like to say that change has taken place in my life and I’m learning to always be conscience of the FABBICH Family. I have grown since CSWM. However, I’m learning that change is not something that just happens then everything is all right. I’m learning that it’s a life long commitment to stay on top of my FABBICH game, at all time.
T Windham
This came at the right time, the right season in my life where I had already decided to do so much but if it hadn’t been for this deep self examining I might have had more fumbles later in the year than touchdowns. The change definitely did start with me...Without some of these changes how can I make any progress, every part and action has to be fine tuned and well oiled... I succeeded!
B White
This program has challenged me to think about things not only as I see them but as my family and others see them as well. The entire FABBICH process was full circle for me in that it challenged me to examine the whole “me”. The program helped me to understand that it’s imperative to be healthy on all levels – if one area is lacking, it will most definitely affect another area. The assignments were challenging enough to help push me to think outside the box but simply enough to follow along even in the FB setting. I think if someone is honest with him or herself and is really prepared to get an honest assessment of themselves; this program would be a great start. The program ultimately taught me that it’s okay to make my family a priority and I will never have regrets for doing so.
L Scott
I really enjoyed the communication, faith, and self evaluation assignments. You mentioned therapy and I think in our community there is a stigmata that says, “you’re crazy” if you seek help. I’ve had this same conversation with a friend who refuses to get help for that specific reason. I think – know that one day I will have a therapy session to talk about some things, so it was refreshing to see you suggest it! Once I started really writing, and putting thought into what the assignments detailed, my attitude changed. It used to be hard to let people say things, but remaining quiet was a strength that I know comes from daily prayer and this group.
R Acklin
This program has enriched me so, that now all I focus on is betterment. Thank you for your service and true dedication to this program. God bless you!
S Windon
Change Starts With Me forced me to look at the circumstances and obstacles in my life in a totally different way. My focus was shifted from what I couldn’t do to what I desired to do. The change in perspective was the most powerful tool ever. I detailed my goals, which I review daily, weekly and monthly and I make sure I am taking the necessary steps to make them happen.
R Johnson
Mrs. SBN... you are going to do GREAT! We all took your course and I looked at it as “Boot Camp.” It “whipped” me into shape and helped me to “shed” some things from me and add some new things into my life... I am STILL doing my mile walk and seeing Great results. When I wake up in the mornings and don’t want to roll out of bed, I remember: Change Starts with me!!! Thanks Mrs. Norwood for the time you took to pull out of us and to also pour into us!
R Brigham