Managing Impulsivity

Managing Impulsivity »

Sometimes we can want something so much and so bad until we don't give much forethought before acting. Being impulsive is based on emotions rather than intellect, which may lead to undesirable results.

Get Prepared! Get Knowledge! Get Opportunity!

Get Prepared! Get Knowledge! Get Opportunity! »

I don't believe there is a soul whose intent is to crush a person's dream, but I have to say it's mind boggling to meet a person who has such big dreams to make in the entertainment business and believe he or she can do it without preparation.

To thine own self be true

To thine own self be true »

To thyself be true, paraphrased words from Shakespeare. To thyself be true! To thyself be true, strong words, great advice. When the crowd is gone, work is over, family is away or sleep, you are faced with self.

The tools of encouragement

The tools of encouragement »

“The most important skill for raising a child in a democracy is the ability to encourage that child” (1971). Dreikurs considered encouragement to be the single most important quality in getting along with others — so important that the lack of it could be considered the basic influence for misbehavior.