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Wrong order

Wrong order

When I order anything now, I double check to make sure I have what I ordered. Wrong orders, for me, happen more when I order food. Nowadays if you don't check your order before leaving the pickup window you may have anything. I have ordered food didn't check the order and when I got to my designation ready to eat I find that the order is not my order or what I ordered is not in the bag. This is so irritating since I have a taste for the food I ordered, and it's not there. Not only that but I'm not willing to go back and get the right order. How did you get my order wrong? Yes being human we all make mistakes, but I wish you didn't make mistakes when it comes to my food order. I really wanted that sweet tea, but now I have unsweetened tea.


With the new technology today, you're asked when placing the order, "Is what's on the screen is your order?" You respond with the "Yes" and later find you may have food you don't like. Now, you wasted a trip, got the wrong food, don't feel like driving back and still hungry.


I've gotten the wrong order so many times until I don't leave the window  until I've opened the bag and made sure that what I ordered is there. I also make sure the food is not cold or sloppy (hamburgers). But more important, I make sure I take a sip of the tea before taking off. I know I hold up the line for a minute, but it's better for the horns to blow, and I have the correct food than to rush and end up being mad and hungry.


Because customer service is so bad and most of the time people aren't interested in satisfied customers, complaining will not get you much. The guaranteed solution is don't leave the window without checking your order. There is an 800 number stuck to the pickup window if you want to report, for goodness sake don't call 911.


Read - this incident was funny but was written to prove a point.


A Georgia woman was reprimanded after calling 911 to report that her local Chinese restaurant had delivered her the wrong order.


The Savannah-Chatham Metro Police released an audio recording of the recent call to local media to highlight the type of calls people should not be making to 911.


"I need the police. It's this Hong Kong restaurant type restaurant to go," the woman said when asked what was the emergency.


"I ordered food and they done bring the wrong food. I done brought it outside and they ain't going to give me my money and I need my money. Uh-uh,
I need to someone to handle this," she said. "They ain't going to do me in any kind of way."


While the woman could have been charged with abusing 911 - a misdemeanor - cops let her off with a warning. Point: abuse of 911 is a misdemeanor.


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