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Welcome to Sonja’s Stinger Room!

Welcome to Sonja’s Stinger Room!

"All the honey a bee gathers during its lifetime doesn't sweeten its sting."



If you love reality, you'll love here!


This is my spot! In this room, I will discuss topics about anything, anybody, and any place. You're invited to visit and tell others - great things will come from this room; but, unfortunately, you don't have permission to copy, cut, paste, share on any media outlet to include Facebook, Twitter or any other social media outlet without my expressed written consent. You know how people twist and turn things. I'll say one thing and before you know it's edited to say another. I'm sure you understand and appreciate my concern. Yes, I can imagine a naysayer right now as he or she reads say, "Well, what you got to say ain't worth sharing with others anyway." All I got to say to that is "Lord have mercy, welcome to Sonja's Stinger Room and I got something for you later!


Welcome to Sonja's Stinger room -  where things are worth talking about. My opinions are mine and not that of my family's individually or collectively; so, don't go there. This is the  place where I get to ask rhetorical questions and you can think about.  There is no method to my madness, no particular format, formula, or any certain topic, it is what it is on any given day.






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