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Washington, DC

10/23 – Washington, DC, beautiful historical place filled with statues. Seems every time I go to DC; I’m connected with history. I’m always thinking of what it was like back when what is now history was reality. Traffic was heavy because the streets were closed due to some diplomat being in town. I’m prepared for the panel discussion and happy to meet and greet new faces. I was invited to Howard U’s Homecoming Empowerment Summit for the second time. This year, there were six panelists; the room was filled with interesting minds and those seeking more information about the entertainment business. It was a great panel and a great discussion. I stayed for the reception and really enjoyed myself. Roberta McLeod escorted me around the campus to see the historical monuments and stained glass belonging to the AKA sorority. I really had a great time. Oh and through all of that I was dealing with a major sinus problem and must admit I was so anxious to go home.

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