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Wake up time

10/22 – My wake up time was 3 hours after my bedtime. I got up at 4:30 to finish packing and do last minute things. Most important was to avoid traffic. LA traffic is a subject alone. Finally get to the airport, get advanced to pre-check (feeling honored). Pre-check is when you don’t have to take your shoes off, jacket, belt, or take your laptop out of the bag. I was happy about that except, the hand me down shoes I got from Sy’rai was laced with metal studs, and I had to take off shoes. I was still happy about pre check because it was so much easier to walk through after. I was so early for departure; I sat around and talked on the phone to east coast people because they were the only ones up. It was a great flight and great weather upon arrival in DC. Around 8 PM; I had a dinner meeting. It was very productive. Very excited about the panel discussion on tomorrow.

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