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To thine own self be true

To thine own self be true

To thyself be true, paraphrased words from Shakespeare. To thyself be true! To thyself be true, strong words, great advice. When the crowd is gone, work is over, family is away or sleep, you are faced with self. In that lonely place and time,  say to yourself, "To thyself be true." The main meaning of those words is, "Do not lie to yourself." Whatever your image and presentation to others are, they should be from the real you.  Only you know the true you. When you look in a mirror do you admire or hate your thoughts, actions, behavior, ethics, attitude, etc.? Are you honest? Is integrity the driving centerpiece of your life? Are you a game player? Go along because it's good for business no matter whom it might hurt? Do you contribute to the downfall of others by your words, actions, and deed?  Whatever thy truth is, there is no running from it. The real you will appear one day because the real you came by nature at birth and one cannot deny nature.


Why is it challenging to be true to thyself? Maybe because we're dealing with two selves - our true self and our false self. Most of us have enclosed our spirit, soul, and body with a false self. We have created this false self based on our desires, conditions, our environments, our workplaces, our social status, and sorry to say our churches. When we go against our internal thoughts - intuitions for the sake of what others think, we become great pretenders!  If not activated, our true self lie dormant, it is waiting for the moment to rise to bring about a new meaning to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In those alone moments, admit that you aren't true to yourself and begin the journey to rediscover who you really are. Stop allowing outside extremities to make you think you are something that you aren't. You were brought here for a purpose, allow that purpose to be fulfilled. True happiness can be experienced when the real you navigate your daily life.


 To discover your true self start by eliminating what is false about you.


“This above all: to thine own self be true,  And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” ~William Shakespeare, Hamlet


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Comments (4)

  1. Wonderful Post !
    This is one of my favorite quotes !
    I use it all of the time .
    So many people find it difficult to tune out the pressures and
    “noise ” of the world to conform to some sort of “cookie cutter” image.
    It is such a liberating thing to come into your own, feel comfortable in your own skin and accept your own uniqueness and unique purpose.
    As I always say:
    Be You ! Do You ! SHINE !
    Thanks for the post !

  2. Dewayne Wimrow says:

    Good message.

  3. Zahra Brown says:

    This blog is the truth. So many times in life we forget to do things for ourselves without relying on others. We forget to check in with ourselves. In a fast paced world, where we allow ourselves to put others first and take care of others and play on with the ‘helping’ hand role, we forget to help ourselves. Self-evaulating ourselves is a great way to press that pause button and focus on ourselves for the better. It’s a spiritual, physical, and mental attitude I think we should be practicing. Love this blog! Thanks Sonja!! XO – z

  4. Phyllis Latice says:

    Wowww! This is s00oo true, and good advice. Many people , as you say, ARE great pretenders, and unfortunately especially in and leading the church.
    I indeed like your slogan,agree that change begins with me. It’s healthy to live and colaborate in truth,instead of pretend in lies. Thanks for sharing deep food for thought!

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