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The customer is always right…

The customer is always right…

The customer is always right... how I wish that was true! Employees of service-oriented businesses should think twice about how they treat their customer when serving their food, products or providing customer service. Some employees’ attitude is so bad until it is unbearable. They should think twice before going to work if life is not treating them well on any given day. Bring your issues to work is not a good thing and should not be tolerated by the consumers. Here are the culprits - some employees of fast-food joints, restaurants, banks, grocery store, online support, air carriers- you get the picture? They need an attitude adjustment when providing service to customers who are spending money for their product or service. Why are these people still working in a customer service position? People, if you wake up in the morning and have a chip on your shoulder, please don’t go to work and frankly, you should change your occupation. No one enjoys paying hard earned dollars to deal with your nasty attitude and behavior.


Every service-oriented business should have a visible 800 number you can immediately call to report the employee who is displaying such behavior. Matter of fact, most fast-food joints do have an 800 number displayed on the window as you use the drive thru to get your order. As consumers we should call in to report the employee who is representing the establishment with such nasty attitudes immediately.


How about this? After waiting for what seems to be forever for a representative of a phone company, water, and power company, bank, airline representative or such like, you finally get someone but soon is disconnected because the customer support person does not want to handle a complex issue. So he or she hangs up or leaves you holding until you’re exhausted from holding so long, you eventually hang up. Sometimes you can be in the middle of a call, the person tells you to "hole on' not 'hold on," and as expected or feared the call is disconnected - you got to start over and have to wait another 20 to 30 minutes before getting an animated recording and finally to a live person. Another problem is the transfer of your call; you need another department and are told by the previous representative you won’t have to wait. The next thing you know you get the company directory or menu, which brings about another wait. You need a day to handle business with these companies and a few aspirins.


This subject of customer service is a real stinger because it involves so many service-oriented employees like the ones you see standing at a counter or seated at a desk and will not acknowledge your existence. They continue with their work without saying anything like, “May I help you?” or “Someone will be with you in a moment.” As a friend of mine pointed out, they act like you slept with them last night. But even so, a salutation is proper in all first contact. Let’s not forget the company that serves you by numbers. The employees of those companies are like robots, until your number is called, there is no interaction.


FINAL THOUGHTS: As consumers, we shouldn’t take the bad attitudes dished out to us by employees of service-oriented companies. Next time you’re mistreated as a customer, ask for the phone number to their Corporate office, if no reply, then report the company, and the name of the employee on your FB or Twitter; oh and don’t forget Yelp. Make sure you get the name of the employee and the employee’s ID number. That’s important because there is a lot of John Smiths and Jane Browns.  Also make sure you record the time, day, and date you were at the company. BTW, many of the phone companies and air carriers’ employees are outsourced out of the country so name and ID is critical. Of course, the information given by the employee may be false, but remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Hopefully, the next time you frequent that establishment, that employee has been terminated or moved into a position where he or she does not interface with customers. Found this link http://www.blacklist.co/feed, another way to voice your complaint.


Disclaimer: This is not the case for all service business employees.

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