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Publishing Deal

So you want a publishing deal, ah! A publishing deal (music) can be a long way off for those who have nothing to offer for a deal - meaning if you do not have your business together, you will always miss out on opportunities when they come. To help you prepare for making your publishing deal dreams come true, you need more than one song to offer to a publisher. You need more than 5 songs; you need as many songs as possible to show your range of talent in writing or producing. Once you have a catalog of songs, you must make sure that your songs are quality produced, packaged professionally and it wouldn't hurt to have a current photo of yourself along with a short bio with contact information. This is the first level preparation. Second level is to create a forum (website, Youtube, etc.) whereby your quality produced songs can be heard (impressive singer) - so that when you do run across a publisher, you can direct him or her to your link. Know your business, get to know who's who, and once you have a professional package, it's time to hit the streets and get your music heard.

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