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I’m so bad about updating

From the 10th through the 20th, I've basically been working on the same things (building careers), and sometimes I get caught up in so many phone calls it's hard to keep track. I'm trying to do several things. 1. Help build a record label 2. Consultant other artists, 3. Teach moms how to become effective managers, 4. Take care of my clients (children) 5. Be a grandmother after 3:00 PM  6. Act as a dog sitter for my grand dogs when I have to and 7. Update my social media outlets which I often place low on the totem pole. 


Now that's a lot if I were to list in details by the hour. There is always something going on unexpectedly sometimes about the industry and sometimes not. Everything I do require brain work. So I apologize to myself for not updating Notes from My Journal. Chronicling my days help me keep things in perspective and also have a reference to at least a summary of what I did for the day. 


Do better Sonja Norwood, starting today!



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