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Here are my thoughts on haters. Haters have been around since we made contact with society as a toddler. To me, there are two categories are haters, those who are close to you and those who don't know you at all. For those who don't know you, totally dismiss them - they have nothing that you can use. There are types and classes of haters too which I won't cover in this tip. The "close to you" haters can be blessings in disguise. They can be educators, teaching you to strengthen your character, testers to teach you to control your behavior and the words of naysayers that should be use to encourage, motivate and prepare you for greater things ahead. Use them to strengthen your character. Haters have internal, psychological problems - socially misfits, to me, but are needed in the world. Don't address haters in words - only in deeds. Stay focus on you and your goals. Haters aren't going anywhere, and they are everywhere. You don't need to seek them out, they find you, use their actions to enhance your purpose in life. Here's my last point - don't confuse the actions of a hater with a person who provides constructive criticism for the betterment of a person.

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