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Disposable gloving, really?

Disposable gloving, really?

Why bother to appear to be concerned about good clean hygiene by wearing DISPOSABLE gloves while preparing food? It's not the law that you must wear gloves. Anyway, a visit to a well-known food joint, I watched several employees wearing DISPOSABLE gloves while putting food on plates ordered by customers (In some places employees pick up the actual food with gloves). I thought that was great! Gloving! But wait, one employee, between serving food, swept the floor, scraped food away from the counter, punched numbers on the cash register, and then came back to prepare food for the next person - all while wearing the same DISPOSABLE gloves. You would think that at least two pairs of DISPOSABLE gloves would have been used the first pair to prepare my food, and a second pair after sweeping the floor, scraping the food from counter, using the cash register to begin preparing food for others. How disgusting! Next time you're in a food place, and DISPOSABLE gloving is in action; make sure your server is not multitasking with DISPOSABLE gloves while serving you food. It's not clean; it's not healthy, and it's not good hygiene. More people should complain I did!



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