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Early to rise on this Sunday »

I'm training myself to rise and be ready to work on EST. So far last week I did pretty good. Today is Sunday and here I am up and ready to go at 6:00 AM

Saturday, special event »

I love Saturdays, it's my day to do me at least half of the day. Today we're going to support Ray at an anti-bully campaign in Calabasas.


Today it's Friday and I'm not planning to do much today. I'm going back through my emails from the week making sure I've returned all emails.

An awful hiccup this morning »

Overall, today (9/5/13) was a good day, there was an awful hiccup this morning with a company that dropped the ball, and I was extremely upset.

What did God have in mind? »

I have no idea what God had in mind when He allowed me to become a human being. When I think about the many things, I do and think, I’m a real candidate for being confused, but somehow God had it all fixed before I got here.

On the road again »

It was a blessed time on the road for a few days. The MegaFest was a much-needed event, very professionally done and everyone I spoke with enjoyed every minute.