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Responsibilities continue »

Spent most of the organizing personal responsibilities of staff for a client. Each client's staff is given his or her assignments and a timeline to complete.

Contract review »

10/2/13 - A good majority of my work as a consultant is contract review. I'm not a lawyer, but I've been around enough redlined contracts and lawyers to have a good sense of legal terms and how contracts can cripple the client.

Trash and more trash »

10/1 - Looking back on this day, it wasn't bad except for having to leave home so early in the day. My flight departed at 2:44pm, arriving in LA at 4:56pm. That's bad all the way around. It was too early to leave, didn't get a second chance to say "see you later" to my sister, and I would have a long drive from LAX to home due to traffic.

28,29,30 »

9/28, 9/29 were days for light work and spend time recouping from the Southern University / Jackson State game. I had so much fun at the game on Saturday it did matter which won, but it really didn't.

Checking and Updating in McComb »

I'm excited to be in McComb. Every chance I get I come home especially if I'm traveling in southern states. Yesterday was a travel day, so I got behind on work. I really do try to stay current, and somehow I have to find a way, while on the plane, to muster up enough energy to do a little work.

Traveling today »

Today is a traveling day! Waking up I was skeptical of what my health would be. The night before I was a little dizzy and I didn't want to wake up to dizziness.

This morning was relaxing »

Today, I can relax a little. All meetings are done, and I'm happy things turned out great. This morning was catch up morning; I'm updating the website. Last night's webinar was very interesting.

Meetings, meetings »

Meetings, meetings

Meetings »

Meetings all day.

Atlanta, GA »

9/22/13, arrived in Atlanta at 5:56 AM. Ms. Rian met me at the airport. It was good seeing her, and we were very anxious to get the day started. After getting settled in at the hotel, Rian and I headed to making the necessary copies to present at our meeting.