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Manager vs Talent Agent, what’s the difference!

Manager vs Talent Agent, what’s the difference! »

There is a huge difference between an artist manager and a talent agent. The talent agent is licensed and bonded and handles certain aspects of the artist career (i.e. booking, auditions, sponsorship, endorsements - anything employable for the artists).

Day off »

10/26 – Today, I’m taking the day off. I’ll spend the day with Portia and Sy’rai.

Phone calls »

10.25 work up to phone calls and on going mission for clients. I don’t share the content or discussions of my phone calls because it’s client confidentiality.

LA bound »

10/24 was a traveling day. Early flight, early home, and because of my sinus problem,

Washington, DC »

Washington, DC, beautiful historical place filled with statues. Seems every time I go to DC; I’m connected with history. I’m always thinking of what it was like back when what is now history was reality.

Wake up time »

My wake up time was 3 hours after my bedtime. I got up at 4:30 to finish packing and do last minute things. Most important was to avoid traffic. LA traffic is a subject alone.

Preparing for a trip »

Most of this day is being devoted to preparing for my trip to Washington, DC. I have been in thought mode about various industry commitments and how to plan out a project to get a group to the level of success they expect.

I’m so bad about updating »

From the 9th through the 20th, I've basically been working on the same thing (building careers), and sometimes I get caught up in so many phone calls it's hard to keep track.

7, 8, and 9 »

More than enough time has been spent on organizing a company. For the past month, I have been gathering facts and information regarding a record label structure and the staff of the label.

Organizing and reveiw staff responsibilities »

Today I will continue to read contracts. Some are more than 30 pages so you have to digest a little at a time. I'm still organizing a business structure and will make sure I haven't left out any important staff responsibilities.