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Becoming a Parent

Becoming a Parent »

I’m more than thrilled to have a place to discuss parenting. Yes, let’s admit it; there was not a book to teach us how to parent that was tailored to our particular child.

Making Decisions

Making Decisions »

Some of us struggle to make decisions because of the influences in our lives, i.e. family, friends, significant others, pastors, and all. Everyone is trying to convince you to decide his or her way; and because of all the confusion, you may procrastinate on making the decision or decide not to decide at all. Note: To decide not to decide is a decision.

Change Starts with ME!

Change Starts with ME! »

Do you need to increase your confidence or motivation to do things you’ve put off for a long time? Do you desire a more peaceful, stress-free, and positive life?

Lessons for the journey

Lessons for the journey »

Yesterday, August 25, 2012 I participated in a panel to speak on the subject “Lessons for the Journey.” When I received the topic, I, immediately, begin to think of lessons I’ve learned over the years.

Attitude and Behavior

Attitude and Behavior »

Looking back, there were many injustices done to us throughout life. We put up a wall of protection to avoid getting hurt or harmed. We have carried so much animosity over the years for those we feel are the cause.

Crossing the Finishing Line

Crossing the Finishing Line »

How important is it for you to cross the finish line? When you have ideas and goals, you get excited! Right? You visualize your goals becoming reality and get encouraged about your future.

Hyphenated Women

Hyphenated Women »

Hyphenated women! I’ve noticed more and more married women are becoming hyphenated women – meaning they retained their maiden name and hyphenate it to their married name.