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Choosing an Entertainment Attorney

Choosing an Entertainment Attorney »

Whether you are a screenwriter, filmmaker, composer, producer or other creative professional working in the film industry, at some point you will find that you need an attorney. Now the question is - what kind of attorney, and who should you choose?

I Say NO

I Say NO »

If you’re seeking to get into the entertainment industry to become a famous actor, musician or even an industry professional and are faced with being told “ NO,” meaning not interested, don’t get discouraged.

Crazy is not the Word

Crazy is not the Word »

The direction of the entertainment industry is getting crazier than ever! I can’t believe how industry standards change daily. Artists are in more danger today than ever. Who’s paying attention?

Careers Behind the Camera – Hair and Makeup

Careers Behind the Camera – Hair and Makeup »

You don’t have to be in front of the camera to be successful in the entertainment industry. There are so many positions available to skilled individuals who play a prominent role within the industry.

The Core Team of an Artist

The Core Team of an Artist »

The Core Team is important to the success of an artist and is usually put together by the manager with artist participation. The Core Team is led by the manager and includes the Attorney and the Business Manager.

Today’s Managers, Oh Boy! Part 2

Today’s Managers, Oh Boy! Part 2 »

I support any manager who has two qualities – compassion and passion. Those are two qualities that are most advantageous to the artist; it is those two qualities that will be the deciding and defining factors of a winning career.

Today’s managers, Oh Boy! Part 1

Today’s managers, Oh Boy! Part 1 »

There are many types of managers working within the industry: Artist Manager, Assistant Artist Manager, Momager, Fatherger, Familyger, Friends as manager, Street manager, Talent Manager, Business Manager, Road Manager, Production Manager, A&R Manager, Account Manager, and so on.

Prestigious Position

Prestigious Position »

Being a manager sounds truly important, and it truly is. The consumer should know you by the work you’ve done for the artist(s) you represent. In this prestigious position, it is your job to guide, counsel, and direct the artist.


Decisions »

Becoming an Entertainment Manager is a huge responsibility. It is not a profession that you are totally prepared to execute the right decision in every situation. Neither is it a field that you can apply a theory to and expect real (reality) results.

Learn the Entertainment Biz

Learn the Entertainment Biz »

If you’re pursuing a career in the entertainment business you should know the nuts and bolts of what it takes to be successful. The biggest downfall to an artist’s career is the lack of knowledge.