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Artist Development – a must do!

Artist Development – a must do! »

What exactly is artist development? Artist development is a program designed to help define, through experienced coaches, the talent and skills of the artist.

Being an actor/actress

Being an actor/actress »

Why can't you get the audition? There are many reasons why you can't get the audition, for one the tools that you provide to your agent are inadequate.

Artists, know your business

Artists, know your business »

Artists you need eyes in the back and side of your heads. Don't be so vulnerable of what is told to you by the people you should trust but aren't trustworthy.

Caught UP!

Caught UP! »

Sometimes you can get so caught up helping others that you forget yourself. To some, that may sound like a dedicated and loyal person. It is and noble, but every human being should have a few minutes to themselves.

Music Publishing

Music Publishing »

What a fascinating subject, MUSIC PUBLISHING, complicated but fascinating! I didn’t feel the need to understand every iota about the publishing business back in the day, but I do now. I continue to believe that songwriters should own, if not 100% of their publishing, as much of it as possible.

What is written in the contract?

What is written in the contract? »

I can say this for sure, most artists get into deep trouble because of their contracts. Executed contracts are no joke. If you have failed to be a part of the negotiation of your contract, you may be subjected to terms and conditions that will handicap you for life or a good majority of your prime years.

Cynopsis Media Presents: The African American Viewing Audience

Cynopsis Media Presents: The African American Viewing Audience »

No segment of the American population watches more television than African Americans. Nearly 42 million strong, more than half under the age of 35, with a proven track record of being the cultural trendsetters in this country, this demo has caught the attention of networks, which are now more serious than ever about engaging the African American audience.

The Business of Being in a Band 101

The Business of Being in a Band 101 »

Musicians interested in starting a band may think it is all about the music, but there are many legal decisions that need to be made and issues that may need to be overcome, before the tracks are recorded and the concert is lined up. (Legal Zoom)

Music / audio engineers

Music / audio engineers »

My goodness there's a lot to producing a record. It's not just going into the studio, stepping in the sound booth, picking up a mic and then singing.

The Hunt for Musical Success

The Hunt for Musical Success »

Today, there are many opportunities for talent to enter the entertainment world. They could sign to a major record label, or a major independent record label, and in a flash a star is born.