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7, 8, and 9

10/7, 8, 9/13. More than enough time has been spent on organizing a company. For the past month, I have been gathering facts and information regarding a record label structure and the staff of the label. I have agreed to assist in helping an independent record label become organized to function as a full fledge record label. In prior months, the Label  has been functioning and has seen some success; however, with the proper organization and business structure, you can move in the industry without a lot of unknown concerns or issues. So, this is what I'm doing. October 7,8,9 are the dates designated as nearing the end of organizing so we can move forward with furthering the documentation for staff responsibilities. 7,8,9 are the last days for completion of this section. I would say by month's end, the Label would have a pretty solid structure. 


7,8,9 also are days in the early evening to assist Sy'rai with her homework. I am definitely not smarter than a 6th grader.

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